Walch OXI Clean Anti-Bacterial Concentrated Detergent (Pine) - 6x2L

Size: BTL


  • -Killing harmful pathogens, germs (staphylococcus aureus) and 99% mites
  • -The advanced formula, safe for any types of clothes
  • -With 2/3 cap of Oxi Detergent is enough to clean and sanitize for full load clothes in a washing machine
  • -Mild formula, gentle to hands
  • -Safe and soft to the skin, environment-friendly products
  • -Moderate bubbles, easy to wash
  • -Keeping the clothes with bright color, not hurt the fabric
  • -Oxi clean ingredients penetrate into the inner of the fiber or fabric, quickly dissolve deep stains
  • - Natural Fresh & Pine fragrance

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