Martini FS Maxime Cooking (Edge)(Green) 12X1L

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Martini FS Cooking & Whipping (Green) 12x1L

Martini Food Service UHT Unsweetened nondairy topping can be used both in savoury recipes and patisserie preparation. It can be used like dairy cream to accompany rice, pasta, pulses and savoury dishes in general For confectionary use, it is recommended to cool the product for 12 hours to a temperature of +5°C/+10°C, sweeten to taste, and then whip at medium speed until the desired consistency is obtained.

  • Fat content: 26%
  • Versatile: perfect for savoury dishes and patisserie
  • Long hold: the product holds its shape for a long time, without collapsing
  • No synaeresis
  • Milky flavour
  • Store in a cool, dry place (max 20°C)
  • Long shelf life

    Carton : 12 Packs

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