Anchor Extra Yield Cream 12x1L
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Brand: Anchor

Anchor Extra Yield Cooking Cream requires no reduction, saving valuable time in the kitchen. One litre in the pack means one litre in a recipe, making great pasta every time.


Extra Yield Cooking Cream produces no caking or drying, even in chafing dishes, bain-maries, or hot cupboards.

Reheat performance

Extra Yield Cooking Cream won’t after-thicken. Prepare sauces before service without them splitting or curdling when reheated to order.

Excellent presentation

Customers will be delighted by the consistently appetizing appearance of your dishes, using the superior coating qualities of Extra Yield Cooking Cream.

    Carton : 12 Packs

    Loose : 1L/Pack

    New Zealand


    Type: Dairy